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    March 10, 2002 Part II CONFERENCES, FUTURE EVENTS Volume 11: Number 03

            * CONFERENCES and COURSES
            - Graz Conference on Reduplication
            - Morphological Units
            - ICLaVE 2
            - Linguistic Purism in the Germanic Languages
            - Fifth International Conference on TEXT, SPEECH and DIALOGUE, (TSD 2002)
            - Organization in Discourse II: The Historical Perspective
            - The ICHL 2003

            * FUTURE EVENTS : April - October 2002

                 <<<<<< CONFERENCES and COURSES >>>>>>

    University of Graz, Austria,
    November 2-4, 2002

    Due to developments in phonological and morphological theory, the
    discussion of reduplication has very much attracted the attention of
    scholars in our field and the number of publications on the topic has
    increased considerably. The major part of these studies, though, have
    approached the problem from a theory-centric point of view and
    substantial problems have been subordinated to theoretical issues.
    Therefore we feel the need for discussion and clarification of more
    essential problems. Such topics include:

    · the role of reduplication within morphology
    · the interaction of reduplication with other grammatical,
    phonological, and prosodic processes
    · the semantics of reduplication
    · delimitation from other related phenomena (cyclicity, recursivity,
    assimilative processes, etc.)
    · reduplication and typological factors
    · areal considerations
    · diachrony
    · productivity
    · types and entities
    · Pidgins/Creoles
    · sign languages
    · language acquisition etc.

    About a dozen additional papers will be accepted for presentation.
    Mouton de Gruyter have already pronounced their interest in publishing
    the results of the conference.

    We invite scholars to submit an abstract of 1-2 pages by June 30th,
    2002. Notification of acceptance will be sent out by July 31st, 2002.

    Organisational details concerning participation, accommodation, etc.
    will be accessible later on the homepage of the Institute.

    The meeting will take place at the
    University of Graz
    Institute of Linguistics
    Merangasse 70
    A-8010 Graz

    for further information please contact:
    Second Call for Papers: Third Forum of Morphology - MORPHOLOGICAL UNITS

    September (19)-20-21, 2002
    University of Lille 3, Villeneuve d'Ascq, France.

    1st call for abstracts: November 20th 2001.
    Submission deadline: March 31st 2002.
    Notification of acceptance: May 15th 2002.
    Preliminary programme: June 15th, 2002
    Meeting: September (19)-20-21 2002.


    SUBMISSION PROCEDURE Your submission should consist of

    1) An anonymous abstract no longer than 2 pages (A4 format) in times
    12 (bibliography included). The abstract must indicate clearly the
    subject matter, the theoretical framework (if any) and the conclusions
    of your contribution.

    2) A separate page on which are indicated: your name, affiliation,
    postal address, email address and the title of your contribution.

    Electronic submission is encouraged provided that the abstract and the
    personal details page are sent as separate attachments in either
    postscript, rtf or Word format.

    The submissions must be sent to
    before March 31, 2002.

    If electronic submission is not possible, 3 hard copies of the
    abstract plus the separate page with personal details must reach the
    organising committee at the following address before March 31, 2002:

                                   Bernard Fradin
                               Forum de Morphologie 3,
                             LLF Tour centrale Case 7031
                                   2 place Jussieu
                               F-75251 PARIS CEDEX 05

    TALKS The time allotted for presentation is 30 minutes. 10 more
    minutes will be left for discussion. Il will be possible to use an
    overhead projector or video-projector.

    If you need more information on details concerning the
    organisation of the meeting contact
    For other types of information, contact
    Call for papers/workshop proposals: ICLAVE 2 SECOND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE

    June 12-14, 2003
    Uppsala, Sweden.

    Levande språk erbjuder talarna en möjlighet att välja mellan två eller flera
    ekvivalenta eller nästan ekvivalenta former för att förmedla viss
    information eller för att uppnå ett speciellt kommunikativt mål. Denna
    möjlighet till variation hos det mänskliga språket påverkar inte bara dess
    struktur utan också de regler som styr vårt språkliga beteende och
    kommunikativa samspel. The International Conference on Language Variation in
    Europe (ICLaVE) vill främja forskning om språklig variation som en i språket
    inbyggd egenskap. Den vill också undersöka de konsekvenser som denna
    variation har för vår förståelse av sociolingvistiska förhållanden i Europa.

    I likhet med den första konferensen har ICLaVE 2 inte någon generell
    tematisk begränsning, utan ser gärna föredrag om alla aspekter om
    lingvistisk variation som idag kan observeras i de språk som talas i Europa.
    Det vetenskapliga programmet består av sektionsföredrag (utvalda efter
    granskning av inskickade sammanfattningar), plenarföredrag, workshop och

    Om du vill försäkra dig om att få fortsatt information om konferensen ber vi
    dig göra en preliminär anmälan genom att fylla i och sända in nedanstående
    formulär. Anmälan är bindande först när konferensavgiften är betald.

    Vid betalning före den 15 mars 2003 är konferensavgiften 1000 SEK (100
    Studerande betalar 800 SEK (80 Euro).

    Efteranmälan kan göras fram till konferensens början och avgiften är då 1250
    SEK (125 Euro).
    Studerande betalar 1000 SEK (100 Euro).

    Konferensavgiften inkluderar en volym sammanfattningar, pauskaffe, bankett
    och en volym med redigerade föredrag från konferensen.

    Viktiga datum

    1 MARS 2002 Preliminär anmälan
    1 SEPTEMBER 2002 Förslag till workshop
    1 OKTOBER 2002 Sammanfattningar av föredrag och/eller posterpresentation
    1 NOVEMBER 2002 Besked om antagna workshopförslag
    1 FEBRUARI 2003 Besked till föredragshållarna om antagna föredrag och
    15 FEBRUARI 2003 Program och sammanfattningar utlagda på hemsidan
    15 MARS 2003 Sista anmälningsdag utan förhöjd deltagaravgift




    University of Bristol, UK
    9-11 April 2003

    Studies on linguistic purism commonly concentrate on one particular
    aspect of the field, be it a specific language, region or type of
    purism. Little research has attempted to provide a more unified
    account of purism, combining description of the phenomena with an
    explanation of why purism comes / came about. In this conference we
    want to bring together scholars from a broad range of areas in order
    to initiate a dialogue between different aspects, fields and
    theoretical models. The aim is to provide a platform where a wide
    range of accounts of and approaches to puristic ideas can be discussed
    in order to detect common patterns across languages, periods, regions
    and types.

    Papers (25-30 minutes) are invited on any of the following fields:
    Folk Linguistics
    Attitudes towards and perceptions of dialects and minority languages
    Standardization of Germanic languages
    Stigmatization of non-standard varieties
    History of puristic ideas
    Modern purism by institutions or individuals

    Please submit an abstract of 300 words by June 1st 2002 either by email
    (preferred) or post to:
    Dr Nils Langer
    Dept of German
    University of Bristol
    21 Woodland Road
    Bristol, BS8 1TE
    United Kingdom


    Conference Website:

    DIALOGUE, (TSD 2002)

    Brno, Czech Republic,
    9-12 September 2002

    Topics of the TSD 2002 conference will include (but are not limited to):
    text corpora;
    automatic morphology;
    word sense disambiguation;
    lexical semantics and semantic networks;
    parsing and part-of-speech tagging;
    machine translation;
    multi-lingual issues;
    information retrieval;
    text/topic summarization;
    knowledge representation and reasoning;
    speech modeling;
    speech coding;
    speech segmentation;
    speech prosody;
    automatic speech recognition;
    text-to-speech synthesis;
    speaker identification and verification;
    dialogue systems;
    development of dialogue strategies;
    prosody and emotions in dialogues;
    user modeling;
    assistive technologies based on speech and dialogue;
    markup languages related to speech and dialogue (VoiceXML, SSML, ...).

    Papers on processing of languages other than English are strongly


    The conference program will include oral presentations and
    poster/demonstration sessions with sufficient time for discussions of
    the issues raised. The program will also involve short communications
    and reports about ongoing projects. The latter types of contributions
    will not appear in the proceedings.

    Faculty of Informatics has at its disposal a fast internet connection
    allowing internet-based projects to be demonstrated. The faculty
    network provides a wireless (IEEE 802.11b - WiFi) connection to the
    internet as well.

    Authors are invited to submit a full paper not exceeding 8
    pages. Those accepted will be presented as oral lectures. Authors are
    invited to submit a short paper not exceeding 4 pages. Those accepted
    are for poster presentation. The authors are asked to send their
    papers using the online form accessible from the conference website
    (in the case of troubles they may send the submission to electronically). Advance registration and payment
    for the conference fee is mandatory. Simultaneous submissions to other
    conferences are not allowed.

    The authors are strongly encouraged to write their papers in TeX or
    LaTeX formats. These formats are neccesary for the final versions of
    the papers to be (that will be) published in the Springer Lecture
    Notes. The paper format has to be either PDF or Postscript file with
    all required fonts included. Upon notification of acceptance,
    presenters will receive further information on submitting their
    camera-ready and electronic sources (for detailed instructions on the
    final paper format see

    Authors are invited to present actual projects, developed software or
    interesting material relevant to the topics of the conference. The
    demonstration papers will not appear in the Proceedings of TSD
    2002. The authors of the demonstration should provide the abstract not
    exceeding one page.

    Submission of full papers and short papers (submitting a paper is
    considered as preliminary registration): March 15, 2002

    Notification of acceptance sent to the authors:
    APRIL 30, 2002

    Final papers (camera ready) and registration:
    MAY 31, 2002

    Submission of demonstration papers:
    JULY 31, 2002

    Conference date:
    SEPTEMBER 9-12, 2002

    The contributions to the conference will be published in proceedings
    that will be made available to participants at the time of the conference.

    The official language of the conference is English.

    All correspondence regarding the conference should be addressed to:

    Dana Komarkova
    TSD 2002 Faculty of Informatics
    Masaryk University
    Botanicke 68a
    CZ-602 00 Brno
    Czech Republic
    telephone: +420 5 41 512 359
    fax: +420 5 41 212 568

    The official TSD 2002 homepage is:


    University of Turku, Finland,
    7-11 August, 2002

    Plenary speakers: Laurel BRINTON (development of pragmatic markers),
    Andreas JUCKER (news discourse 17th-21st centuries), Françoise
    SALAGER-MEYER (English, French, and Spanish academic conflict,
    1810-1999), Irma TAAVITSAINEN (genres and text types in early vernacular
    medical writing), Barbara WEHR (focussing strategies in medieval French
    and Irish), and Laura WRIGHT (medieval mixed-language business texts).

    Conference workshops: EPISTOLARY COMMUNICATION 1450-1850 (Terttu
    Nevalainen & Sanna-Kaisa Tanskanen, conveners); HISTORICAL STUDIES OF
    SCIENTIFIC DISCOURSE (Françoise Salager-Meyer & Ellen Valle, conveners);
    and COURT TRIAL DISCOURSE (Daniel Collins & Barbara Kryk-Kastovsky,

    All abstracts have now been evaluated. But there is still time to submit
    workshop paper proposals, as well posters, before the deadline of MARCH


    University of Copenhagen.

    General information about the conference can now be found using the link


    A joint conference organized by the Finnish Cognitive Linguistics
    Association (FiCLA) and the Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Association

    Turku, Finland,
    September 13 to 15, 2002.

    Starring (as plenary speakers):
    Mirjam Fried (Princeton University)
    Marja-Liisa Helasvuo (University of Turku)
    Laura Janda (University of North Carolina)
    Helena Leheckova (University of Helsinki)
    Ekaterina Rakhilina (Moscow State University)

    The aim of the conference is to bring together cognitive linguists
    from the East and the West, and to offer a forum for collaboration and
    discussion on current developments in Cognitive Linguistics. We
    welcome abstracts for oral presentations (20 minutes + 10 minutes for
    discussion) and for posters on all cognitive linguistic topics,
    including syntax, semantics, morphology, phonology, metaphor,
    pragmatics, discourse, etc. We especially welcome papers on Slavic
    and/or Finno-Ugric languages.

    The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2002. Please submit a
    one-page abstract (max. 500 words), with an additional page for
    tabels, graphs and references, if necessary. We strongly encourage
    e-mail submissions. For speakers with topics related to the Slavic
    languages: Please send your abstract to For speakers
    with topics related to other languages: Please send your abstract as
    an attachment file (plain text or rtf) to,
    with your name, affiliation, e-mail address and the title of your
    paper included in the message. If you wish to submit a paper version,
    then please send 5 anonymous copies of your abstract, and your author
    information on a separate sheet of paper. In this case, please use the
    following address:

    Anu Airola
    Department of General Linguistics
    P.O.Box 9 (Siltavuorenpenger 20 A)
    FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

    The participation fee will be 70 euros (35 euros for students,
    including graduate students), to be paid at the conference site in
    cash (please observe that we cannot accept credit cards). For members
    of the FiCLA, SCLA or ICLA the fee will be 50 euros (25 euros for
    students). Participants from economically disadvantaged countries may
    be allowed a free participation upon application. In such a case,
    please include an application for free participation in your abstract.

    The participation fee will cover the abstract booklet, other
    conference materials, coffee and a get-together with snacks.
    <<<<<< FUTURE EVENTS (April - oct. 2002) >>>>>>

    02-04-2.-5 3rd International Symposium "From Agent Theory to Agent
    Implementation", Vienna, Austria
    02-04-4.-6. Sociolinguistics Symposium 14, Ghent, Belgium
    02-04-4.-6 New Reflections on Grammaticalization 2, Amsterdam, The
    02-04-4.-6. Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA) Annual Conference,
            Birmingham, UK
    02-04-6.-8. The British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies
            Conference, Cambridge, UK. Contact: Neil Bermel
    02-04-5.-6. Berkeley Germanics Linguistics Roundtable, Berkeley, CA
            Contact: Irmengard Rauch
    02-04-5.-7. West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, Santa Cruz,
    02-04-5.-7. ,"Toronto, Canada
    www: http ILA Conference: "Bilingualism and
    02-04-6.-9. American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL),Salt Lake
            City, UT.
    02-04-7.-9. The Meanings of Literary Semantics, Birmingham, UK
    02-04-8.-10. Temporal Integration in the Perception of Speech, Aix-
    en-Provence, France
    02-04-9.-13. TESOL Annual Convention, Salt Lake City, UT
    02-04-11.-13. First UK Symposium on Hispanic Linguistics, Guilford,
    02-04-12.-14. 2nd International Gender and Language Association Conference,
            Lancaster, UK
    02-04-12.-14. Language World Conference and Exhibition, York, UK
    02-04-14.-14.4. National Council of Organizations of Less Commonly Taught
            Languages, Arlington, VA
            Contac: Scott McGinnis
    02-04-15.-17 12th Colloquium on Generative Grammar, Lisbon, Portugal
    02-04-17.-20. 19th National Conference on Spanish in the United
    States, Rio Pieras, Puerto Rico. Contact: Dr. Luis A. Ortiz
    02-04-18.-20. XX Congreso de AESLA, Jaén, Spain
    02-04-19.-21. Linguistic Symposium on the Romance Languages 32, Toronto,
    02-04-19.-21 Sveriges Facköversättarföreningens konferens, Lidingö,
    02-04-26.-27 1. Kansainvälinen VIRSU konferenssi, Joensuu, Finland
    02-04-26.-28. GASLA 2002,Ottawa, Canada
    02-04-27.-28. Finno-Ugric Studies Association of Canada, Burnaby, BC,
    02-04-27.-29. 2nd North American Phonology Conference, Montreal,
    02-04-28.-3.05. Annual Convention of the International Reading Association,
            San Francisco, CA

    02-05-1.-4 Networked Learning in Global Environments, Berlin, Germany
    02-05-2.-4 11th International Symposium on Lexicography, Copenhagen,
            Contact: Jens E. Mogensen
    02-05-2.-5. Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign
    Languages, New York, NY
    02-05-3.-4 Kielitieteen päivät: Kieli ja aika, Helsinki, Finland
    02-05-3.-5 2nd International Conference on Contrast in Phonology, Toronto,
    02-05-3.-5 Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 11, Amherst, MA
    02-05-3.-6 5th Colloquium on Lexicology, Tunis, Tunisia
            Contact: Ibrahim Ben Mrad
    02-05-8.-11 Brave New Worlds: Translation and the New Economy,
    Dublin, Ireland
    02-05-10.-12 New Developments in Linguistic Pragmatics, Lodz, Poland
            Contact: Piotr Cap
    02-05-14.-15 International Conference on Foreign Language Studies,
            Serdang, Malaysia
    02-05-15.-18 Colloquium on "Text and Economics, "Antwerp, Belgium
    02-05-16.-18 First International Symposium on Lexicography, Baarcelona,
    02-05-17.-19 Annual North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics,
            Tucson. AZ
    02-05-17.-21 International Conference on Conversation Analysis (ICCA-
    02), Copenhagen, Denmark
    02-05-18.-19 The Japan Second Language Association Annual Meeting, Kyoto,
    02-05-20.-23 Tree Adjoining Grammars and Related Frameworks, Venice, Italy
    02-05-21.-24 International Linguistics Conference: Reviewing
    Linguistic Thought, Athens, Greece
    02-05-23.-25 Business Communication across Contexts, Cultures and
            Continents, Aarhus, Denmark
    02-05-23.-25 Colloque de didactique du Francais, Liège, Belgium
    02-05-24.-26 Syntax, Semantics and Acquisition of Aspect, Iowa City,
            Contact: Dr. Roumyana Slabakova
    02-05-26.-29 Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics 2002 Conference,
            Toronto, Canada
    02-05-29.-31 Language Resources and Evaluation, Las Palmas, Canary Islands
    02-05-30. -1.6. 6th International Conference on Cognitive and Neural
            Systems, Boston, MA
    02-05-30 -1.6. Jahrestagung des Fachverbands Deutsch als
    Fremdsprache, München, Germany
    02-05-31 Anéla (Dutch Association of Applied Linguistics) Voorjaarstudiedag
    , Utrecht, The Netherlands

    02-06-1.-6 EuroConference on the Syntax of Normal and Impaired Language,
            Corinth, Greece
    02-06-4.-6 VI Nordisches Germanistentreffen, Jyväskylä, Finland
    02-06-5.-8 Gesture - The Living Medium, Austin, TX
    02-06-6.-8 18th Conference of Baltic Studies - Linguistics Division ,
            Baltimore, MD
            Contact: Steven Young
    02-06-13.-15 Pluralité des langues et des supports dans la construction,
    Lyon, France et la transmission des
    02-06-14.-15 6. Grazer Tagung Deutsch as Fremd-/Zweitsprache, Graz, Austria
    02-06-17.-21 Multi-Modal Dialogue in Mobile Environments Kloster
    Irsee, Germany
    02-06-19.-21 5th Chronos Colloquium on Tense, Aspect and Modality,
            Groningen, The Netherlands
    02-06-20.-22 11th Caucasian Colloquium, Moscow, Russia
    02-06-23.-26 PorTAL - Portugal for Natural Language Processing, Faro,
    02-06-24.-26 Setting the Agenda: Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies in
            Higher Education, Manchester, UK
    02-06-24.-27 9th Annual Conference on Natural Language Processing
    (TALN 2002), Nancy, France
    02-06-24.-29 ED-MEDIA 2002, Denver, Colorado
    02-06-25.-28 5th Conference of the International Association for the Study
    of Argumentation, Amsterdam. The Netherlands
    02-06-25.-29 2nd International Knowledge and Discourse Conference,
    Hong Kong
    02-06-27.-28 Conference on English Phonology, Toulouse, France
    02-06-27.-30 12th Annual Meeting of the Society for Text and
    Discourse, Chicago, IL
    02-06-27.-30 8th Conference on Laboratory Phonology, New Haven, CT

    02-07-1.-3 6th International Conference of the Association for
    Language Awareness, Umeå, Sweden
    02-07-1.-3 2nd International Conference on Natural Language
    Generation, New York, NY
    02-07-1.-4 IADA Workshop on Argumentation in Dialogic Interaction ,
    Lugano, Italy
    02-07-1.-26 Summer Institute in Applied Linguistics, University Park,
    02-07-3.-5 International Lexical Functional Grammar Conference,
    Athens, Greece
    02-07-4.-5 Talk and the Moral Order, Brisbane, Australia
    02-07-5.-6 DGFF-Forschungwerkstatt-Tagung, Hildesheim, Germany
    02-07-5.-7 ASFLA 2002 Conference, Sydney, Australia
    02-07-7.-13 ISA Research Committee on Sociolinguistics, Brisbane,
    Contact: Max Travers
    02-07-7.-12 Association for Computational Linguistics, Philadelphia,
    02-07-8.-11 International Circle of Korean Linguistics Conference,
    Oslo, Norway
    02-07-8-16.8. Summer Workshop in Language Engineering, Baltimore, MD
    02-07-8.-12. & 15.-19 Australian Linguistics Institute, Sydney,
    02-07-10.-12 Congreso Internacional "La Argumentación, "Buenos Aires,
            Contact: Dr. Maria Marta Garcia Negroni
    02-07-12.-14 Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA)
    Congress, Sydney, Australia
    02-07-14. -3.8. DGfS/LSA Summer School 2002, Düsseldorf, Germany
    02-07-15.-17 Historical Lexicography and Historical Lexicology,
    Leicester, UK
    02-07-15.-17 2nd International Basil Bernstein Conference, Cape Town,
    South Africa
    02-07-15.-19 ISFC 29: Systemic Linguistics and the Corpus, Liverpool,
    02-07-15.-19 Annual Conference of the International Communication
    Association, Seoul, Korea
    02-07-16.-21 IX International Congress for the Study of Child
    Language and the Symposium on Researh in Child Language Disorders (IASCL /
    SRCLD), Madison, WI
    02-07-19.-20 Studienkreis 'Geschichte der Sprachwissenschaft,'Umeå,
    02-07-21.-26 European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI
    2002), Lyon, France
    02-07-22.-28 International Course and Conference on Role and
    Reference Grammar,La Rioja, Spain
            Contact: Organizers
    02-07-24.-27 Euro-International Systemic Functional Workshop, Lisbon,
    02-07-27.-31 Teaching and Language Corpora (TALC), Bertino, Italy
    02-07-29.7.-1.8. World Congress of the International Reading
    Association, Edinburgh, Scotland
    02-07-30.7.-3.8. 29th LACUS Forum, Toledo, OH

    02-08-3.-5 6th International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian
    Linguistics, Bintan Island, Riau, Indonesia
    02-08-5.-16 14th European Summer School on Logic, Language, and
    Information (ESSLLI,)Trento, Italy
    02-08-5.-16 ESSLLI-2002 Student Session, Trento, Italy
    02-08-5.-9 11th International Conference on Methods in Dialectology,
    Joensuu, Finland
    02-08-7.-9 International Conference on Turkish Linguistics,
    Famagusta, Northern Cyprus
    02-08-7.-10 World Congress of the International Federation of
    Translators, Vancouver, Canada
    02-08-7.-11 Organization in Discourse II: The Historical Perspective,
    Turku, Finland
    02-08-8.-9 9th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase
    Structure Grammar, Seoul, South Korea
            Contact: Stephen Wechsler
    02-08-8.-12. & 15.-19 6th Biennial Australian Linguistics Institute,
    Sydney, Australia
            Contact: Dr. Verna Rieschild
    02-08-9.-10 17th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop, Reykjavik,
    02-08-13.-17 10th EURALEX International Conference, Copenhagen,
    02-08-*14.-17 EUROCALL 2002, Jyväskylä, Finland
    02-08-14.-17 Caribbean Linguistics: Theory and Application, St.
    Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
    02-08-15.-16 Text, bild, samhälle - Nordisk konferens, Tampere,
    02-08-18.-23 Fédération Internationale des Langues et Littératures
    Modernes, Bangkok, Thailand
    02-08-*19.-20 10th International CALL Conference, Antwerp,
    Contact: Mathea Simons
    02-08-22.-24 International Conference on First Language Attrition,
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    02-08-24-1.9. COLING 2002, Taipei, Taiwan
    02-08-30-1.9. Association for French Language Studies, St. Andrews,

    02-09-2.-4 Conference of University Teachers of German in GB and Ireland,
            Newcastle, UK
    02-09-2.-6 Linguistics and Phonetics 2002, Urayasu, Japan
            Contact: Organizers
    02-09-4.-5 Workshop on Mongolic Languages, Taipei, Taiwan
            Contact: Su-ying Hsiao
    02-09-4.-7 Gesellschaft für Interkulturelle Germanistik, Salzburg, Austria
    02-09-5.-7 2nd Conference on Contemporary Germanic, Romance and Baltic
            Linguistic Studies, Vilnius, Lithuania
    02-09-6.-7 Laboratory Approaches to Spanish Phonology, Minneapolis, MN
            Contact: Organizers
    02-09-6.-8 2nd International Conference on Construction Grammar, Helsinki,
    02-09-6.-11 Euresco Conference on Interactional Linguistics, Helsinki,
    02-09-8.(9)-11 ALT-C 2002: Learning Technologies for Communication,
    Sunderland, UK
    02-09-9.-12 5th International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue, Brno,
            Czech Republic
    02-09-9.-12 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies,
            Kazan, Russia
    02-09-10.-12 6th International Conference on the Structure of Hungarian,
            Düsseldorf, Germany
    02-09-11.-13 International Colloquium on Grammatical Inference, Amsterdam,
    The Netherlands
    02-09-12.-14* British Association for Applied Linguistics 2002, Cardiff,
    02-09-12.-14 6th International Conference on Romani Linguistics, Graz,
    02-09-13.-15 Cognitive Linguistics East of Eden: Joint Conference of FiCLA
    SCLA, Turku, Finland
    Contact: Tuomas Huumo
    02-09-15.-21 Deutsch als Fremdsprache im Medienzeitalter, St. Adreasberg,
    02-09-16.-17 Workshop on Agreement, Manchester, UK
    02-09-16.-20 Contrastive and Translation Studies between Chinese and
    English, Shanghai, China
    02-09-16.-20 International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, Denver,
    02-09-18.-20 Discourse Anaphora and Anaphor Resolution (DAARC 2002), Lisbon,
    Call: Organizers
    02-09-18.-21* European Second Language Association (EUROSLA) Annual
    Basel, Switzerland
    02-09-19.-21* 7th CercleS Conference, Paris, France
    02-09-19.-21 Translation Targets, Prague, Czech Republic
    02-09-19.-21 3rd Forum on Morphology, Lille, France
    02-09-19.-21* Jahrestagung der GAL (German Association for Applied
    Cologne, Germany
    02-09-19.-21 Comparative Romance Linguistics, Antwerp, Belgium
    Contact: Martine Coene
    02-09-19.-22 8th Himalayan Languages Symposium, Bern, Switzerland
    02-09-20.-22 Symposium on Historical Syntax, Mekrijärvi, Finland
    02-09-20.-22 Greek Syntax and the Minimalist Seduction, Reading, UK
    Contact: Spyridoula Varlokosta
    02-09-22.-25* Conference on the Pragmatics of InterLanguage English,
    02-09-22.-26* 14. Symposion Deutschdidaktik, Jena, Germany
    02-09-23.-24 3rd International Workshop on Writing Systems, Köln, Germany
    Contact: Martin Neef
    02-09-23.-25* Cognitive Scenarios of Communication across Languages and
    Cultures, Crimea, Ukraine
    Contact: Svetlana Dikareva
    02-09-24.-27 2nd International Luria Memorial Conference, Moscow, Russia
    02-09-24.-28 Sprachtypologie und Diskurs, Bern, Switzerland
    02-09-26.-28* International Conference on Language for Specific Purposes,
    Madrid, Spain
    Contact: Marinela Garcia Fernandez
    02-09-26.-29 Frankoromanistentag, Aachen, Germany
    Contact: Cordula Neis
    02-09-27.-28 6. Ranskalais-suomalainen kontrastiivinen kollokvio, Helsinki,
    02-09-27.-29 Translating in the 21st Century, Thessaloniki, Greece
    Contact: Organizers

    02-10-1.-3 2nd Conference on the Archaeology and Linguistics of Australia,
    Canberra, Australia
    02-10-3.-5 Quantitative Investigations in Theoretical Linguistics,
    Contact: Organizers
    02-10-3.-5 KAMALL 2002, Seoul, Korea
    02-10-3.-5 Colloque international 'Indefinis et predications en francais',
    Paris, France
    Contact: Maria Asnes
    02-10-3.-6* Second Language Research Forum, Toronto, Canada
    02-10-3.-6 Annual Conference of the German Studies Association, San Diego,
    02-10-4.-6 3. Vaasaer Germanistische Kolloquium zur Kontrastiven
    Vaasa, Finland
    02-10-6.-8 3rd International Conference on Mental Lexicon, Banff, Alberta,
    Contact: Gary Libben
    02-10-8.-10 FEL VI: Endangered Languages and their Literatures, Antigua,
    Contact: Harry Ostler
    02-10-8.-12 The Association for Machine Translation in the Americas,
    Tiburon, CA
    02-10-11.-12* Symposium on Second Language Writing, West Lafayette, IN
    02-10-11.-13 AATG European Chapter: 'Teaching Foreign Languages as a
    Challenges and Perspectives,'Regensburg, Germany
    Contact: Paul Heinemann
    02-10-12.-17* Euroconference on The Structure of Learner Language,
    Crete, Greece
    Contact: Anne Sophie Gablin
    02-10-12.-14 6th Conterence on Conceptual Structure, Discourse and Language,
    Houston, TX
    Contact: Suzanne Kemmer
    02-10-16.-18 International Conference on Translation Studies, Ankara, Turkey
    Contact: Dr. Ismail Boztas
    02-10-16.-18* First International Valencia Seminar on Gender and Language,
    Valencia, Spain
    Contact: José Santaemilia
    02-10-16.-18* International Conference on Language, Linguistics and the Real
    World, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    02-10-17.-20* Mass Media and Communication in the e-Society of the 21st
    Moscow, Russia
    Contact: Natalia Bolotina
    02-10-17.-20 International Association of World Englishes (IAWE), Urbana-
    Champaign, IL
    Contact: Rakesh M. Bhatt
    02-10-18.-20 Heritage Languages in America, Washington, DC
    02-10-23.-26* International Symposium on Bilingualism, Vigo, Spain
    02-10-25.-26 Svenskans beskrivning 2002, Uppsala, Sweden
    02-10-25.-29 Colloque Internationel des Etudes Creoles, Saint-Giles les
    Contact: Christian Barat
    02-10-31.10.-2.11*. Southern Central Modern Language Association Convention,
    Austin, TX
    02-10-31.10.-3.11.* TESOL Euromed, Edinburgh, Scotland


    END NLB ELECTRONIC NEWS 11(03:conferences & future events), 2002

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