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    January 08, 2002 Part II CONFERENCES, FUTURE EVENTS Volume 11: Number 01

            * CONFERENCES and COURSES
            - (Preferably) Non-Lexical Semantics
            - International symposium of linguistics and
                    speech-hearing sciences
            - The Second International Conference on Construction Grammar (ICCG2)
            - Euresco
            - 17th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop (CGSW 17)
            - Fifth Chronos Colloquium, International conference on tense, aspect and
            - International CLASS Workshop on Natural, Intelligent and Effective
                            Interaction in Multimodal Dialogue Systems
            - DAARC 2002
            - 4th International Conference on Interpreting in the
            * FUTURE EVENTS

                 <<<<<< CONFERENCES and COURSES >>>>>>


    University of Paris 7, France
    June 13-15, 2002

    The conference will be hosted by the University of Paris 7 (France),
    and will take place from June 13 to 15, 2002. There will be three
    one-hour talks by invited speakers, and the rest of the talks will
    consist of papers selected by the program committee. Submissions of
    abstracts (in English or in French) for 30-minute contributed talks
    (with 10 additional minutes for discussion) on any topic in the
    semantic analysis of natural languages, with a strong preference for
    non-lexical semantics, are welcome.

    Authors should submit 5 copies of (so called "anonymous") abstract, no
    more than two pages (but not significantly less than 2 pages)
    long. Data allowing us to identify and contact the author (or authors)
    should be given separately. Authors of accepted papers agree to
    submit a written version for publication. This does not mean, however,
    that their papers will automatically be published.

    E-mail submissions will be accepted (but only if in LaTex, Word, PS or
    PDF). In this case authors shoud send a title page with author's name,
    etc. in addition to the anonymous two page abstract.

    Abstract deadline: March 13, 2002.

    Send abstract to: Conference de Semantique Non-lexicale
    Universite Paris 7
    Case 7031
    2 Place Jussieu
    75251 Paris Cedex 05,

    The e-mail address to which the abstracts should be sent is:
    This is also the e-mail address for inquiries.

    The program of the conference will be completed around the 23rd of April at
    which time conference information will be made available. For organizational
    reasons we would like to be able to estimate the number of submissions and
    possible participants well in advance. For this reason we invite any person
    which would like to submit an abstract or to attend the conference to let us
    know as soon as possible (by e-mail).

    Program Committee:
    R. Zuber - chair (CNRS, Paris), F. Corblin (University Paris 4), B. Laca
    (University Paris 8), D. Lacombe, (University Paris 7), J. Jayez (ENS, Lyon)

    Dept. of Audiology and Speech Sciences, Faculty of Allied Health, UKM,
    21st -23rd October 2002

    The symposium is jointly organized by the Linguistics Dept. of Lund
    University, Sweden. The theme is 'Linguistics & Speech-Hearing Sciences:
    Reciprocity in Relations'. The sub-topics are:
    a) linguistics and speech-hearing
    b) phonetics and phonological analysis & speech-hearing
    c) grammatical analysis & speech-hearing
    d) language acquisition & speech-hearing
    e) language learning-teaching & language/communication/hearing disorders
    f) language variation & speech-hearing

    The objectives of the symposium are:
    i) to demonstrate the reciprocity relations between the three fields.
    ii) to pioneer the research of applied linguistics with clinical
    orientation focusing on language, communication disorders and hearing
    iii) to stimulate and promote related speech-hearing research on special

    We are inviting papers and participation. Our due date for abstracts are
    30th march 2002. Interested parties should e-mail:
    with the abstract of the proposed paper. Language used will be malay and

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rogayah Bt. A.Razak
    Coordinator (Speech Science Program)
    Department of Audiology and Speech Sciences
    Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
    Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
    Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz
    50300 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 6 - 03 - 26914230
    Fax: 6 - 03 - 26986039
    Second Call for Papers:
    September 6-8, 2002
    Helsinki, Finland

    The conference is a follow-up on the First International Conference on
    Construction Grammar held in Berkeley in April 2001. In line with the
    aim of the first conference, we hope that ICCG2 will continue to serve
    as a forum for promoting discussion and collaboration among linguists
    interested in Construction Grammar and Frame Semantics, as well as in
    related constructional research in its various models and applications.

    Plenary speakers:
    Hans C. Boas
    William Croft
    Charles J. Fillmore
    Mirjam Fried
    Adele E. Goldberg
    Paul Kay
    Sandra A. Thompson
    Michael Tomasello

    Regular conference papers (20-min. talk plus 10-min. discussion) are
    invited on any aspect of linguistic analysis that is concerned with
    constructions and/or frames. We
    welcome work on issues in syntax, morphology, semantics, pragmatics,
    discourse, language acquisition, corpus linguistics, language
    variation/change, etc.

    Abstracts of 500 words, with an additional page for graphs, data, and/or
    references if necessary, should be submitted by March 1st, 2002.

    If you are submitting your abstract electronically, please send it to and include the following information as part of
    your message: author's name and affiliation, title of paper, mailing
    address, and e-mail address. Electronic submission is strongly

    If submitting by regular mail, please provide 5 copies of your anonymous
    abstract with the title of the paper at the top, and the author
    information listed above on a separate sheet of paper. In this case,
    please use the following address:
    Jaakko Leino
    Department of Finnish
    University of Helsinki
    P.O. Box 13 (Meritullinkatu 1 B)
    FIN-00014 Helsingin yliopisto

    Upon acceptance, the abstract will be published in a conference booklet
    to be distributed among the conference participants.

    Deadline for abstracts: March 1st, 2002
    Authors notified of acceptance: May 1st, 2002

    Registration fee: 100 euro before June 1, 2002; after this date, 120
    Students (student status verification required): 75 euro; 90 euro after
    June 1

    The conference is organized by Jan-Ola Östman and Jaakko Leino, and an
    organizing committee consisting of Fred Karlsson, Pentti Leino, and
    Mirja Saari.

    For more information about the conference please check the website
    or direct your inquiries to the conference organizers at
    Call for participation: EURESCO
    Interactional Linguistics EuroConference on Linguistic Structures and their
    Deployment in the Organisation of Conversation

    Helsinki, Finland,
    6-11 September 2002

    Chair: Auli Hakulinen (University of Helsinki, FIN)
    Vice-Chair: Bill Wells (University of Sheffield, UK)

    Speakers will include: Jan Anward (Linkoping, S); Peter Auer
    (Freiburg, D); Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen (Konstanz, D); Michel de Fornel
    (Paris, F); Paul Drew (York, UK); Maria Egbert (Oldenburg, D); Cecilia
    Ford (Madison, US); Barbara Fox (Boulder, US); Susanne GFCnthner
    (Konstanz, D); Marja-Liisa Helasvuo (Turku, FIN); Werner Kallmeyer
    (Mannheim, D); Jacqueline Leon (Paris, F); Anna Lindstrom (Uppsala,
    S); Per Linell (Linkoping, S); John Local (York, UK); Harrie Mazeland
    (Groningen, NL); Lorenza Mondada (Basel, CH); Jiri Nekvapil (Prague,
    CZ); Richard Ogden (York, UK); Hannes Scheutz (Salzburg, A); Margret
    Selting (Potsdam, D); Marja-Leena Sorjonen (Helsinki, FIN); Jan
    Svennevig (Kristiansand, NO); Susanne Uhmann (Wuppertal, D); Johannes
    Wagner (Odense, DK); Bill Wells (Sheffield, UK); Ray Wilkinson (London,
    UK); Anthony Wootton (York, UK).

    Scope: The basic idea behind the second meeting of this conference
    series is to start from specific or descriptive levels of linguistic
    structures of language used in interaction. These include segmental
    phonetics, phonology, prosody, syntax, lexis and semantics. Particular
    linguistic phenomena observed in interaction with language disorder
    patients, children acquiring language, etc. will also be discussed
    during this conference. Its goal will be the description of these
    structures as resources for the organisation of conversational
    interaction and the validation of this description. This will be done by
    showing how the participants demonstrably embrace these structures and
    devices as a resource.

    The conference is open to researchers world-wide, whether from industry
    or academia. Participation will be limited to 100. The emphasis will be
    on discussion about new developments. The conference fee covers
    registration, full board and lodging. Grants will be available, in
    particular for nationals under 35 from EU or Associated States.

    On-line application form at:

    Deadline: 10 May 2002.

    For further information on this event, please contact Ms. Caroline
    Walford, Conference Organiser at:

    August 9-10, 2002
    The University of Iceland, Reykjavik


    Luigi Rizzi, University of Siena
    Hubert Haider, University of Salzburg

    We invite abstracts for forty-minute talks (30 minutes plus 10 minutes
    discussion) on any aspect of comparative Germanic syntax including the
    interface between syntax and other components of the grammar.

    Abstracts should not exceed one page (letter-size or A4), with
    one-inch (2,5 cm) margin and typed in at least 11-point font. A
    second page is permitted for data and references only.

    We strongly encourage electronic submissions. Send your name, academic
    affiliation, e-mail address, mailing address, and title of the paper
    in the body of the message. The anonymous abstract should be sent as
    an attachment in one of the following formats: pdf, rtf, postscript,
    Microsoft Word, or ASCII plain text. For any unusual fonts, please
    attach the font file.

    Postal submissions must include 5 copies of an anonymous abstract and
    a separate sheet including the author, title and contact information
    as above.




                CGSW 17 Committee, c/o Sigridur Sigurjonsdottir
                Department of Icelandic
                University of Iceland
                Arnagardi v. Sudurgotu
                101 Reykjavik

    Receipt of electronic submissions will be confirmed by e-mail by March
    12th. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation, please contact the

    For more information please send e-mail to or or visit our website:



    Groningen, Netherlands,
    June 19-21, 2002

    Keynote speakers:
    Andre Borillo (Toulouse), Carlota Smith (Austin), Rolf Thieroff
    (Bonn), Henk Verkuyl (Utrecht)

    Organizing committee:
    Bram ten Cate, Bob de Jonge, Alice ter Meulen, Arie Molendijk, Co Vet.

    Please send your abstract (a half page A4) before March 15 2002 to Co
    Vet (e-mail: {HYPERLINK mail} J.P.Vet@let

    Informations and registration:

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    28-29 June 2002

                  Detailed and more up to date information
                    may be found at the workshop webpage:


    We welcome papers describing theoretical or practical research on
    multimodal dialogue systems. The focus of the workshop is on natural,
    intelligent and effective multimodal interaction. Topics of interest

    * Multimodal Signal Processing
      Models for multimodal signal recognition and synthesis,
      including combinations of speech (emotional speech and
      meaningful intonation for speech), text, graphics, music,
      gesture, face and facial expression, and (embodied)
      animated or anthropomorphic conversational agents.

    * Multimodal Communication Management
      Dialogue management models for mixed initiative
      conversational and user-adaptive natural and multimodal
      interaction, including models for collaboration and multi-
      party conversation.

    * Multimodal Miscommunication Management
      Multimodal strategies for handling or preventing
      miscommunication, in particular multimodal repair and
      correction strategies, clarification strategies for
      ambiguous or conflicting multimodal information, and
      multimodal grounding and feedback strategies.

    * Multimodal Interpretation and Response Planning
      Interpretation and response planning on the basis of
      multimodal dialogue context, including (context-semantic)
      models for the common representation of multimodal
      content, as well as innovative concepts/technologies on
      the relation between multimodal interpretation and

    * Reasoning in Intelligent Multimodal Dialogue Systems
      Non-monotonic reasoning techniques required for
      intelligent interaction in various types of multimodal
      dialogue systems, including techniques needed for
      multimodal input interpretation, for reasoning about the
      user(s), and for the coordination and integration of
      multimodal input and output.

    * Choice and Coordination of Media and Modalities
      Diagnostic tools and technologies for choosing the
      appropriate media and input and output modalities for the
      application and task under consideration, as well as
      theories and technologies for natural and effective
      multimodal response presentation.

    * Multimodal Corpora, Tools and Schemes
      Training corpora, testsuites and benchmarks for multimodal
      dialogue systems, including corpus tools and schemes
      for multilevel and multimodal coding and annotation.

    * Architectures for Multimodal Dialogue Systems
      New architectures for multimodal interpretation and
      response planning, including issues of reusability and
      portability, as well as architectures for the next
      generation of multi-party conversational interfaces to
      distributed information.

    * Evaluation of Multimodal Dialogue Systems
      Current practice and problematic issues in the
      standardization of subjective and objective multimodal
      evaluation metrics, including evaluation models allowing
      for adequate task fulfilment measurements, comparative
      judgements across different domain tasks, as well as
      models showing how evaluation translates into targeted,
      component-wise improvements of systems and aspects.


    Although the workshop has an open character implying that plenty of room
    is available for the presentation of papers from researchers from all over
    the world, the workshop will contain invited contributions from a group of
    10 specially qualified researchers with a balanced composition of
    workshop-relevant expertise. Part of the group is selected from the broad
    CLASS community; part of them are internationally leading researchers from
    outside CLASS. Invited contributors will also participate in the panel
    session organized by the co-chairs of the workshop program committee.


    In addition to papers for full plenary presentation, we encourage the
    submission of short papers in combination with a very short presentation
    in the plenary session followed by a poster presentation. Full papers must
    be no longer than 10 pages, including references, examples, algorithms,
    graphical representations, etc. Short papers should be 4 pages maximally.

    Full and short papers should be sent electronically to the e-mail address and must be received no later than
    31 March 2002.

    Stylefiles are available at the workshop webpage:
    Papers should be submitted in pdf or postscript format.

    The title page should include the following information (no separate
    title page is needed):

    - Title
    - Authors' names, affiliations, and email addresses
    - Abstract (up to 15 lines)
    - List of relevant keywords


    Submission of full and short papers: 31 March 2002
    Notification of acceptance: 30 April 2002
    Final submissions: 31 May 2002
    Workshop: 28-29 June 2002


    In addition to the presentation of full and short papers in the plenary
    session, we will organize the following panel discussion on the main theme
    of the workshop:

      Natural Multimodal Interaction: Current Practice and
      Future Research

    Members of this panel session will be invited contributors. Panellists
    will be asked to send in a short position abstract before the workshop.
    After the workshop, a written summary of this panel session will be
    available at the CLASS sub-website on Natural and Multimodal Interactivity
    ( We intend to make available a video or
    audio recording as well.

    Further, we strongly encourage proposals for a second panel session
    related to the main topic of the workshop or some special subtopic. The
    deadline for panel session proposals is 30 April 2002. Proposals can also
    be sent to the workshop e-mail address
    ( and should contain the following

    - title of the proposed panel session
    - a brief description of the suggested topic of the panel
      session, including an explanation of why this topic is
      relevant for the field
    - a list of suggested panellists

    Questions on panel session proposals may be directed to
    the chairs of the workshop program committee at



    Niels Ole Bernsen (NISLab, Odense University)
    Jan van Kuppevelt (University of Stuttgart)


    Questions about submission
    and review process: Jan van Kuppevelt

    Questions about local issues: Laila Dybkjaer

    Miscellaneous: Niels Ole Bernsen


    The University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences
    September 18 - 20, 2002

    Organisers: Antonio Branco, Tony McEnery and Ruslan Mitkov

    Following the success of the previous international colloquia
    on Discourse Anaphora and Anaphor Resolution at Lancaster
    in 1996, 1998 and 2000, the next colloquium in the series
    will take place in Lisbon in 2002.

    DAARC2002 aims to continue the trend set by the previous DAARC
    events, which brought together a wide variety of research on
    discourse anaphora and anaphor resolution. Our goal will be
    to review this diverse field and consider the results obtained
    in recent years.

    The DAARC2002 colloquium will be held on the 18-20th September
    2002 in Lisbon, Portugal. The working sessions will take place
    at Hotel Atlantico, a charming hotel nicely located right in front
    of the ocean, that can be cybervisited at:

    We would like to invite anyone currently researching in the
    areas of discourse anaphora and anaphor resolution, from any
    methodological perspective or framework, to submit a paper for
    DAARC2002. The closing date for submission is 1/4/02. Notification
    of acceptance will be sent by 13/5/02. Selected papers are
    expected by 15/6/02 to be included in the proceedings.

    Please send abstracts of no more than 200 words to the DAARC2002
    organisers at the following email address:

    If you prefer to send an abstract by surface mail, please send
    a paper copy of your abstract to the following address:

    Prof Antonio Branco,
    Universidade de Lisboa
    Faculdade de Ciencias
    Departmento de Informatica
    Campo Grande
    1749-016 Lisboa
    COMMUNITY, The Critical Link 4, "Professionalisation of interpreting in the

    May 20-23, 2004
    Stockholm University

    Conference website:

    Content and purpose

    For a new profession, the issue of professionalisation is of vital
    importance. This has also been reflected in many contributions to the
    former Critical Link conferences ( By
    making professionalisation the explicit topic of Critical Link 4, we
    wish to give a decisive impetus to the ongoing processes towards this
    goal world-wide.

    Subtopics will include:
    * interpreters' professional standards and their evaluation
    * interpreters' labour market and working conditions
    * aspects of interpreter training
    * research on community interpreting and sign language interpreting
    * the role of the professional organisations, etc.

    An important goal is to emphasise the links between different kinds of
    interpreters (for example community interpreters and sign language
    interpreters) who are very often trained in different programmes and
    organised in different professional organisations. We hope this will
    lead to mutual consciousness-raising and new forms of co-operation.

    We are looking for presenters and presentations covering a wide range
    of areas, both geographically and thematically, to allow for a
    comprehensive and all-round overview and analysis of the conference
    topic. In addition to individual papers, there will be poster
    sessions, workshops and exhibitions.

    Important dates
    * Autumn 2002 - Call for papers
    * March 31st, 2003 - deadline for proposals for panels, workshops and
    * March 31st, 2003 - deadline for submission of abstracts
    for individual papers and posters

    Organising committee
    Jan Anward, Birgitta Englund Dimitrova, Gunnar Lemhagen, Anna-Lena
    Nilsson, Helge Niska, Cecilia Wadensjö

    Conference secretariat:

    Conference website:

    <<<<<< FUTURE EVENTS (March - Sept. 2002) >>>>>>

    02-03-2 Generative Linguistics in Poland 4, Warsaw, Poland
    02-03-7.-9 Georgetown University Round Table on Language and Linguistics,
            Washington, DC
            Contact: GURT
    02-03-13.-15 Statistical Analysis of Textual Data, St. Malo, France
    02-03-13.-17 Theoretical and Methodical Issues in Machine
    Translation, Keihanna, Japan
    02-03-14.-16 Technology and Translation, Prague, Czech Republic
    02-03-15.-16 Puheen ja kielen tutkimuksen päivät, Helsinki, Finland
    02-03-19.-23 Annual Bilingual/Multilingual Education Conference,
            Philadelphia, PA
    02-03-21.-23 Universaux Sonores / Sound Universals, Nantes, France
            Contact: Virginie Braud
    02-03-21.-23 Conference on English Renaissance Linguistics and Literature,
            Vigo, Spain
    02-03-22.-23 International Conference on Practical Linguistics of Japanese,
    San Francisco, CA
            Contact: Dr. Masahiko Minami
    02-03-24.-28 CALICO 2002, Davis, CA
    02-03-25.-28 29th International LAUD Symposium, Koblenz-Landau,
            Contact: Martin Pütz
    02-03-27.-30 Evolution of Language, Harvard, USA
    02-03-28.-30 Fourth Conference of New Technologies in Foreing
    Language Teaching (UNTELE 2002), Compiègne, France
    02-03-29.-30 Asian-Pacific Workshop on Terminology, Hong Kong
            Contact: Conference secretary

    02-04-2.-5 3rd International Symposium "From Agent Theory to Agent
    Implementation", Vienna, Austria
    02-04-4.-6. Sociolinguistics Symposium 14, Ghent, Belgium
    02-04-4.-6 New Reflections on Grammaticalization 2, Amsterdam, The
    02-04-4.-6. Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA) Annual Conference,
            Birmingham, UK
    02-04-6.-8. The British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies
            Conference, Cambridge, UK. Contact: Neil Bermel
    02-04-5.-6. Berkeley Germanics Linguistics Roundtable, Berkeley, CA
            Contact: Irmengard Rauch
    02-04-5.-7. West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, Santa Cruz,
    02-04-5.-7. ,"Toronto, Canada
    www: httpILA Conference: "Bilingualism and
    02-04-6.-9. American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL),Salt Lake
            City, UT.
    02-04-7.-9. The Meanings of Literary Semantics, Birmingham, UK
    02-04-8.-10. Temporal Integration in the Perception of Speech, Aix-
    en- Provence, France
    02-04-9.-13. TESOL Annual Convention, Salt Lake City, UT
    02-04-11.-13. First UK Symposium on Hispanic Linguistics, Guilford,
    02-04-12.-14. 2nd International Gender and Language Association Conference,
            Lancaster, UK
    02-04-12.-14. Language World Conference and Exhibition, York, UK
    02-04-14.-14.4. National Council of Organizations of Less Commonly Taught
            Languages, Arlington, VA
            Contac: Scott McGinnis
    02-04-15.-17 12th Colloquium on Generative Grammar, Lisbon, Portugal
    02-04-17.-20. 19th National Conference on Spanish in the United
    States, Rio Pieras, Puerto Rico. Contact: Dr. Luis A. Ortiz
    02-04-18.-20. XX Congreso de AESLA, Jaén, Spain
    02-04-19.-21. Linguistic Symposium on the Romance Languages 32, Toronto,
    02-04-19.-21 Sveriges Facköversättarföreningens konferens, Lidingö,
    02-04-26.-27 1. Kansainvälinen VIRSU konferenssi, Joensuu, Finland
    02-04-26.-28. GASLA 2002,Ottawa, Canada
    02-04-27.-28. Finno-Ugric Studies Association of Canada, Burnaby, BC,
    02-04-27.-29. 2nd North American Phonology Conference, Montreal,
    02-04-28.-3.05. Annual Convention of the International Reading Association,
            San Francisco, CA

    02-05-1.-4 Networked Learning in Global Environments, Berlin, Germany
    02-05-2.-4 11th International Symposium on Lexicography, Copenhagen,
            Contact: Jens E. Mogensen
    02-05-2.-5. Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign
    Languages, New York, NY
    02-05-3.-4 Kielitieteen päivät: Kieli ja aika, Helsinki, Finland
    02-05-3.-5 2nd International Conference on Contrast in Phonology, Toronto,
    02-05-3.-5 Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 11, Amherst, MA
    02-05-3.-6 5th Colloquium on Lexicology, Tunis, Tunisia
            Contact: Ibrahim Ben Mrad
    02-05-8.-11 Brave New Worlds: Translation and the New Economy,
    Dublin, Ireland
    02-05-10.-12 New Developments in Linguistic Pragmatics, Lodz, Poland
            Contact: Piotr Cap
    02-05-14.-15 International Conference on Foreign Language Studies,
            Serdang, Malaysia
    02-05-15.-18 Colloquium on "Text and Economics, "Antwerp, Belgium
    02-05-16.-18 First International Symposium on Lexicography, Baarcelona,
    02-05-17.-19 Annual North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics,
            Tucson. AZ
    02-05-17.-21 International Conference on Conversation Analysis (ICCA-
    02), Copenhagen, Denmark
    02-05-18.-19 The Japan Second Language Association Annual Meeting, Kyoto,
    02-05-20.-23 Tree Adjoining Grammars and Related Frameworks, Venice, Italy
    02-05-21.-24 International Linguistics Conference: Reviewing
    Linguistic Thought, Athens, Greece
    02-05-23.-25 Business Communication across Contexts, Cultures and
            Continents, Aarhus, Denmark
    02-05-23.-25 Colloque de didactique du Francais, Liège, Belgium
    02-05-24.-26 Syntax, Semantics and Acquisition of Aspect, Iowa City,
            Contact: Dr. Roumyana Slabakova
    02-05-26.-29 Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics 2002 Conference,
            Toronto, Canada
    02-05-29.-31 Language Resources and Evaluation, Las Palmas, Canary Islands
    02-05-30. -1.6. 6th International Conference on Cognitive and Neural
            Systems, Boston, MA
    02-05-30 -1.6. Jahrestagung des Fachverbands Deutsch als
    Fremdsprache, München, Germany
    02-05-31 Anéla (Dutch Association of Applied Linguistics) Voorjaarstudiedag
    , Utrecht, The Netherlands

    02-06-1.-6 EuroConference on the Syntax of Normal and Impaired Language,
            Corinth, Greece
    02-06-4.-6 VI Nordisches Germanistentreffen, Jyväskylä, Finland
    02-06-5.-8 Gesture - The Living Medium, Austin, TX
    02-06-6.-8 18th Conference of Baltic Studies - Linguistics Division ,
            Baltimore, MD
            Contact: Steven Young
    02-06-13.-15 Pluralité des langues et des supports dans la construction,
    Lyon, France et la transmission des
    02-06-14.-15 6. Grazer Tagung Deutsch as Fremd-/Zweitsprache, Graz, Austria
    02-06-17.-21 Multi-Modal Dialogue in Mobile Environments Kloster
    Irsee, Germany
    02-06-19.-21 5th Chronos Colloquium on Tense, Aspect and Modality,
            Groningen, The Netherlands
    02-06-20.-22 11th Caucasian Colloquium, Moscow, Russia
    02-06-23.-26 PorTAL - Portugal for Natural Language Processing, Faro,
    02-06-24.-26 Setting the Agenda: Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies in
            Higher Education, Manchester, UK
    02-06-24.-27 9th Annual Conference on Natural Language Processing
    (TALN 2002), Nancy, France
    02-06-24.-29 ED-MEDIA 2002, Denver, Colorado
    02-06-25.-28 5th Conference of the International Association for the Study
    of Argumentation, Amsterdam. The Netherlands
    02-06-25.-29 2nd International Knowledge and Discourse Conference,
    Hong Kong
    02-06-27.-28 Conference on English Phonology, Toulouse, France
    02-06-27.-30 12th Annual Meeting of the Society for Text and
    Discourse, Chicago, IL
    02-06-27.-30 8th Conference on Laboratory Phonology, New Haven, CT
    02-07-1.-3 6th International Conference of the Association for
    Language Awareness, Umeå, Sweden
    02-07-1.-3 2nd International Conference on Natural Language
    Generation, New York, NY
    02-07-1.-4 IADA Workshop on Argumentation in Dialogic Interaction ,
    Lugano, Italy
    02-07-1.-26 Summer Institute in Applied Linguistics, University Park,
    02-07-3.-5 International Lexical Functional Grammar Conference,
    Athens, Greece
    02-07-4.-5 Talk and the Moral Order, Brisbane, Australia
    02-07-5.-6 DGFF-Forschungwerkstatt-Tagung, Hildesheim, Germany
    02-07-5.-7 ASFLA 2002 Conference, Sydney, Australia
    02-07-7.-13 ISA Research Committee on Sociolinguistics, Brisbane,
    Contact: Max Travers
    02-07-7.-12 Association for Computational Linguistics, Philadelphia,
    02-07-8.-11 International Circle of Korean Linguistics Conference,
    Oslo, Norway
    02-07-8-16.8. Summer Workshop in Language Engineering, Baltimore, MD
    02-07-8.-12. & 15.-19 Australian Linguistics Institute, Sydney,
    02-07-10.-12 Congreso Internacional "La Argumentación, "Buenos Aires,
            Contact: Dr. Maria Marta Garcia Negroni
    02-07-12.-14 Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA)
    Congress, Sydney, Australia
    02-07-14. -3.8. DGfS/LSA Summer School 2002, Düsseldorf, Germany
    02-07-15.-17 Historical Lexicography and Historical Lexicology,
    Leicester, UK
    02-07-15.-17 2nd International Basil Bernstein Conference, Cape Town,
    South Africa
    02-07-15.-19 ISFC 29: Systemic Linguistics and the Corpus, Liverpool,
    02-07-15.-19 Annual Conference of the International Communication
    Association, Seoul, Korea
    02-07-16.-21 IX International Congress for the Study of Child
    Language and the Symposium on Researh in Child Language Disorders (IASCL /
    SRCLD), Madison, WI
    02-07-19.-20 Studienkreis 'Geschichte der Sprachwissenschaft,'Umeå,
    02-07-21.-26 European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI
    2002), Lyon, France
    02-07-22.-28 International Course and Conference on Role and
    Reference Grammar,La Rioja, Spain
            Contact: Organizers
    02-07-24.-27 Euro-International Systemic Functional Workshop, Lisbon,
    02-07-27.-31 Teaching and Language Corpora (TALC), Bertino, Italy
    02-07-29.7.-1.8. World Congress of the International Reading
    Association, Edinburgh, Scotland
    02-07-30.7.-3.8. 29th LACUS Forum, Toledo, OH

    02-08-3.-5 6th International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian
    Linguistics, Bintan Island, Riau, Indonesia
    02-08-5.-16 14th European Summer School on Logic, Language, and
    Information (ESSLLI,)Trento, Italy
    02-08-5.-16 ESSLLI-2002 Student Session, Trento, Italy
    02-08-5.-9 11th International Conference on Methods in Dialectology,
    Joensuu, Finland
    02-08-7.-9 International Conference on Turkish Linguistics,
    Famagusta, Northern Cyprus
    02-08-7.-10 World Congress of the International Federation of
    Translators, Vancouver, Canada
    02-08-7.-11 Organization in Discourse II: The Historical Perspective,
    Turku, Finland
    02-08-8.-9 9th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase
    Structure Grammar, Seoul, South Korea
            Contact: Stephen Wechsler
    02-08-8.-12. & 15.-19 6th Biennial Australian Linguistics Institute,
    Sydney, Australia
            Contact: Dr. Verna Rieschild
    02-08-9.-10 17th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop, Reykjavik,
    02-08-13.-17 10th EURALEX International Conference, Copenhagen,
    02-08-*14.-17 EUROCALL 2002, Jyväskylä, Finland
    02-08-14.-17 Caribbean Linguistics: Theory and Application, St.
    Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
    02-08-15.-16 Text, bild, samhälle - Nordisk konferens, Tampere,
    02-08-18.-23 Fédération Internationale des Langues et Littératures
    Modernes, Bangkok, Thailand
    02-08-*19.-20 10th International CALL Conference, Antwerp,
    Contact: Mathea Simons
    02-08-22.-24 International Conference on First Language Attrition,
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    02-08-24-1.9. COLING 2002, Taipei, Taiwan
    02-08-30-1.9. Association for French Language Studies, St. Andrews,

    02-09-2.-4 Conference of University Teachers of German in GB and Ireland,
            Newcastle, UK
    02-09-2.-6 Linguistics and Phonetics 2002, Urayasu, Japan
            Contact: Organizers
    02-09-4.-5 Workshop on Mongolic Languages, Taipei, Taiwan
            Contact: Su-ying Hsiao
    02-09-4.-7 Gesellschaft für Interkulturelle Germanistik, Salzburg, Austria
    02-09-5.-7 2nd Conference on Contemporary Germanic, Romance and Baltic
            Linguistic Studies, Vilnius, Lithuania
    02-09-6.-7 Laboratory Approaches to Spanish Phonology, Minneapolis, MN
            Contact: Organizers
    02-09-6.-8 2nd International Conference on Construction Grammar, Helsinki,
    02-09-6.-11 Euresco Conference on Interactional Linguistics, Helsinki,
    02-09-8.(9)-11 ALT-C 2002: Learning Technologies for Communication,
    Sunderland, UK
    02-09-9.-12 5th International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue, Brno,
            Czech Republic
    02-09-10.-12 6th International Conference on the Structure of Hungarian,
            Düsseldorf, Germany
    02-09-11.-13 International Colloquium on Grammatical Inference, Amsterdam,
    The Netherlands
    02-09-*12.-14 British Association for Applied Linguistics 2002, Cardiff,
    02-09-12.-14 6th International Conference on Romani Linguistics, Graz,
    02-09-15.-21 Deutsch als Fremdsprache im Medienzeitalter, St. Adreasberg,
    02-09-16.-17 Workshop on Agreement, Manchester, UK
    02-09-16.-20 Contrastive and Translation Studies between Chinese and
    English, Shanghai, China
    02-09-16.-20 International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, Denver,
    02-09-18.-20 Discourse Anaphora and Anaphor Resolution (DAARC 2002), Lisbon,
    Call: Organizers
    02-09-*18.-21 European Second Language Association (EUROSLA) Annual
    Basel, Switzerland
    02-09-*19.-21 7th CercleS Conference, Paris, France
    02-09-19.-21 Translation Targets, Prague, Czech Republic
    02-09-19.-21 3rd Forum on Morphology, Lille, France
    02-09-*19.-21 Jahrestagung der GAL (German Association for Applied
    Cologne, Germany
    02-09-19.-21 Comparative Romance Linguistics, Antwerp, Belgium
    Contact: Martine Coene
    02-09-19.-22 8th Himalayan Languages Symposium, Bern, Switzerland
    02-09-20.-22 Greek Syntax and the Minimalist Seduction, Reading, UK
    Contact: Spyridoula Varlokosta
    02-09-*22.-25 Conference on the Pragmatics of InterLanguage English,
    02-09-*22.-26 14. Symposion Deutschdidaktik, Jena, Germany
    02-09-23.-24 3rd International Workshop on Writing Systems, Köln, Germany
    Contact: Martin Neef
    02-09-24.-27 2nd International Luria Memorial Conference, Moscow, Russia
    02-09-*26.-28 International Conference on Language for Specific Purposes,
    Madrid, Spain
    Contact: Marinela Garcia Fernandez
    02-09-27.-28 6. Ranskalais-suomalainen kontrastiivinen kollokvio, Helsinki,
    02-09-27.-29 Translating in the 21st Century, Thessaloniki, Greece
    Contact: Organizers


    END NLB ELECTRONIC NEWS 11(01:conferences & future events), 2002

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