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    January 08, 2002 Part II CONFERENCES, FUTURE EVENTS Volume 11: Number 01

             * CONFERENCES and COURSES
    OF THE
             - Beyond PARSEVAL
             - EUROSLA12
             - LFG2002

             * FUTURE EVENTS

                  <<<<<< CONFERENCES and COURSES >>>>>>

    Held in conjunction with the
    Third International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation
                            (LREC 2002)

    Las Palmas, Canary Islands - Spain
    2nd of June 2002

    The goal of this full day workshop is to bring together researchers
    in the domain of information retrieval, and in particular, researchers
    concerned by the utility of enhancing queries with semantic information
    gleaned from languages resources and processes.

    Important dates
    - -------------
       - Paper submission deadline: February, 15th 2002
       - Notification of acceptance/rejection: March 15th, 2002
       - Camera ready papers due: April 8th, 2002
       - Workshop: June 2nd, 2002

    - ----
    Papers are requested that deal with one or more of the following topics
    (this is not an exhaustive list), and which make use of semantics applied
    to automatic information management:

       - Query enrichment
       - Semantic disambiguation
       - Thematic clustering
       - Performance comparison according to the resources or techniques
       - Automatic construction of resources from corpora
       - Comparisons of manually and automatically created resources
       - Methodology and resources for evaluation
       - Interlingual document retrieval
       - Structure and quality control of resources
       - Comparison of general resources and specialized resources
       - Use of document structure (XML, RDF, etc.)

    Submission Details
    - ----------------
    Papers should not exceed 7 pages.
    Submission must be sent by ELECTRONIC mail to Please
    write "LREC2002 workshop paper submission" in the subject line.

    Accepted formats: Postscript (strongly preferred), PDF or RTF. No
    information about author(s) should appear in the submission paper.

    Please send the following information in a separate file: the title
    to be printed in the programme of the Workshop; names and affiliations
    of the authors; the full address of the first author (or a contact person),
    including phone, fax, email, URL.

    Formatting guidelines are provided at
    The format described here may be modified for the final version.

    Submissions must be received no later than February 15th 2002.

    General information on LREC:
    Call for participation: A SEMINAR ON CONVERSION / ZERO-DERIVATION, following
    the closing of
    the Tenth Morphology Meeting.

    Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest,
    May 12th 2002

    Speakers: Prof. L. Bauer (Victoria University of Wellington)
                     Prof. W.U. Dressler & Ms. S. Manova (University of Vienna)
                     Prof. F. Kiefer (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
                     Dr. M. Neef (University of Köln)
                     Dr. J. Santana (University of Granada)
                     Dr. P. Stekauer (University of Presov)
                     Dr. S. Valera (University of Jaen)

    Those who are interested in taking part in the Morphology Meeting should
                     Ms Rozália Demeter
                             Telephone: (36-1)321-4830, Ext. 117., 118.
                             Fax: (36-1)322-9297
                             Address: Research Institute for Linguistics
                                     Hungarian Academy of Sciences
                                     H-1068 Budapest
                                     Benczúr utca 33

    Details of the Morphology Meeting can now be found at


    Call for Papers: Beyond PARSEVAL
       -- Towards Improved Evaluation Measures for Parsing Systems --


    LREC 2002 Workshop
    2nd June
    Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain

    The aim of this workshop is to start an initiative by bringing together
    four relevant parties:

       - researchers in symbolic and stochastic parsing
       - builders of annotated corpora
       - representatives from different syntactic frameworks
       - groups with interests in and proposals for parser evaluation

    Papers on the following topics will be particularly welcome:

       - descriptions of experiments using alternative evaluation measures
         with existing (stochastic or symbolic) parsers, focussing on
         comparison and discussion of qualitative differences

       - methods for creation of evaluation (or training) corpora, allowing
         flexible adaptation to a new evaluation standard based on
         dependencies or grammatical relations

       - comparisons of existing or possible new schemes for dependency-based
         evaluation (differences, similarities, problems)


    Abstracts for workshop contributions should not exceed two A4 pages
    (excluding references). An additional title page should state: the
    title; author(s); affiliation(s); and contact author's e-mail address,
    as well as postal address, telephone and fax numbers.

    Submission is by email, preferably in Postscript or PDF format, to:

    to arrive by 1st February 2002. Abstracts will be reviewed by at least 3
    members of the program committee.

    Formatting instructions for the final full version of papers will be
    sent to authors after notification of acceptance.


       1 February 2002 deadline for receipt of abstracts
       22 February 2002 notification of acceptance
       12 April 2002 camera-ready final version for workshop proceedings
       2 June 2002 workshop


    Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden
    April 11 - 13 2002.

    Key-stroke logging has, to date, been used in linguistics to investigate
    syntactic development in the L2, for examining written discourse
    development and to compare discourse flow and linguistic information
    structuring in speech and writing.

    The Symposium aims to bring together those developing the
    technology, those currently undertaking research using key-stroke logging
    and analysis tools, and those who are interested in learning more about
    this exciting development in writing research methodology in an informal
    symposium setting. We hope that this this also promote new collaborative
    research in this field.

    Details about the symposium, how to register and submit a paper
    will be found at:

    Local Organizing Committee
    Eva Lindgren
    Kirk Sullivan

    Call for Papers: EUROSLA12

    Annual Conference of the European Second Language Association

    University of Basel, Switzerland,
    18-21 Sept. 2002

    Organized by the University of Basel and the Swiss Association of Applied
    Linguistics (VALS/ASLA).

    PAPERS are invited on every aspect of empirical and theoretical second
    language acquisition research:

    - PANELS

    All submissions should be sent to If email
    submission is not possible, please send a 3.5'' floppy disk to our mailing
    address : EUROSLA12, Romanisches Seminar der Universität Basel, Stapfelberg
    7/9, 4051 Basel, Switzerland. Submissions, whether per email or disk,
    should be made in either pdf or rich text format (rtf). All submissions
    will be reviewed anonymously by the scientific committee.
    - Deadline for panel submissions: 15 January 2002
    - Deadline for all other submissions: 28 February 2002
    - Notification of acceptance: 15 April 2002

    For more details concerning the conference program, registration, grants
    and accommodation please refer to our website (starting oct. 1st 2001)
    Local organizers: email:; fax: ++41 61 267 12
    86; tel: ++41 61 267 12 60.


                           GRAMMAR CONFERENCE

    National Technical University of Athens, Greece.
    3-5 July 2002


    Abstract submission receipt deadline: 15 February 2002
    Submissions should be sent to the LFG Program Committee
                                        (see addresses below)

    LFG-2002 welcomes work both within the formal architecture of
    Lexical-Functional Grammar and typological, formal, and computational
    work within the 'spirit of LFG', as a lexicalist approach to language
    employing a parallel, constraint-based framework. The conference aims
    to promote interaction and collaboration among researchers interested in
    nonderivational approaches to grammar, where grammar is seen as the
    interaction of (perhaps violable) constraints from multiple levels,
    category information, grammatical relations, and semantic information.
    Further information about the syntactic theory LFG can be obtained from: and

    Deadline for receipt of talk submissions: 15 February 2002
    Late deadline for poster-only submissions: 15 March 2002
    Acceptances sent out: 31 March 2002

    Deadline for workshop submissions: 15 January 2002
    Workshop acceptances: 15 February 2002

    Conference: 3-5 July 2002

    Submission specification can be found at:

    <<<<<< FUTURE EVENTS (Feb. - Aug 2002) >>>>>>

    02-02-4.-6 11. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Sprache und
             Sprachen, Bratislava, Slovakia
    02-02-8 Käännöstutkimus 2000-luvulle, Vaasa, Finland
    02-02-8.-9 Language Change and Generative Grammar, Thessaloniki,
             Greece. Contact: Melita Stavrou
    02-02-9.-10 VAKKI-symposiumi, Vaasa, Finland
             Contact: Mona Enell
    02-02-13.-17 Language Learning is Everybody's Business, Adelaide, Australia
    02-02-16.-18 Interaction of Linguistic Form and Meaning with Human
             Behavior, New York, NY
             Contact: Joseph Davis
    02-02-18.-23 XIII International Meeting of Asociacion de Linguistica
             y Filologia de America Latina, San Jose de Costa Rica
    02-02-24.-26 Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition Colloquium,
             Haifa, Israel
    02-02-27-1.3. DGfS Jahrestagung 2002 Mannheim, Germany
    02-02-28-3.3. 2nd International Conference on Specialized
             Translation, Barcelona, Spain

    02-03-2 Generative Linguistics in Poland 4, Warsaw, Poland
    02-03-7.-9 Georgetown University Round Table on Language and Linguistics,
             Washington, DC
             Contact: GURT
    02-03-13.-15 Statistical Analysis of Textual Data, St. Malo, France
    02-03-13.-17 Theoretical and Methodical Issues in Machine
             Translation, Keihanna, Japan
    02-03-14.-16 Technology and Translation, Prague, Czech Republic
    02-03-15.-16 Puheen ja kielen tutkimuksen päivät, Helsinki, Finland
    02-03-19.-23 Annual Bilingual/Multilingual Education Conference,
             Philadelphia, PA
    02-03-21.-23 Universaux Sonores / Sound Universals, Nantes, France
             Contact: Virginie Braud
    02-03-21.-23 Conference on English Renaissance Linguistics and Literature,
             Vigo, Spain
    02-03-22.-23 International Conference on Practical Linguistics of Japanese,
             San Francisco, CA
             Contact: Dr. Masahiko Minami
    02-03-24.-28 CALICO 2002, Davis, CA
    02-03-25.-28 29th International LAUD Symposium, Koblenz-Landau,
             Contact: Martin Pütz
    02-03-27.-30 Evolution of Language, Harvard, USA
    02-03-28.-30 Fourth Conference of New Technologies in Foreing
             Language Teaching(UNTELE 2002), Compiègne, France
    02-03-29.-30 Asian-Pacific Workshop on Terminology, Hong Kong
             Contact: Conference secretary

    02-04-2.-5 3rd International Symposium "From Agent Theory to Agent
             Implementation", Vienna, Austria
    02-04-4.-6. Sociolinguistics Symposium 14, Ghent, Belgium
    02-04-4.-6 New Reflections on Grammaticalization 2, Amsterdam, The
    02-04-4.-6. Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA) Annual Conference,
             Birmingham, UK
    02-04-6.-8. The British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies
             Conference, Cambridge, UK. Contact: Neil Bermel
    02-04-5.-6. Berkeley Germanics Linguistics Roundtable, Berkeley, CA
             Contact: Irmengard Rauch
    02-04-5.-7. West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, Santa Cruz,
    02-04-5.-7. ,"Toronto, Canada
             www: httpILA Conference: "Bilingualism and
    02-04-6.-9. American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Salt Lake
             City, UT.
    02-04-7.-9. The Meanings of Literary Semantics, Birmingham, UK
    02-04-8.-10. Temporal Integration in the Perception of Speech,
             Aix-en-Provence, France
    02-04-9.-13. TESOL Annual Convention, Salt Lake City, UT
    02-04-11.-13. First UK Symposium on Hispanic Linguistics, Guilford,
    02-04-12.-14. 2nd International Gender and Language Association Conference,
             Lancaster, UK
    02-04-12.-14. Language World Conference and Exhibition, York, UK
    02-04-14.-14.4. National Council of Organizations of Less Commonly Taught
             Languages, Arlington, VA
             Contac: Scott McGinnis
    02-04-15.-17 12th Colloquium on Generative Grammar, Lisbon, Portugal
    02-04-17.-20. 19th National Conference on Spanish in the United
             States, Rio Pieras, Puerto Rico. Contact: Dr. Luis A. Ortiz
    02-04-18.-20. XX Congreso de AESLA, Jaén, Spain
    02-04-19.-21. Linguistic Symposium on the Romance Languages 32, Toronto,
    02-04-19.-21 Sveriges Facköversättarföreningens konferens, Lidingö,
    02-04-26.-27 1. Kansainvälinen VIRSU konferenssi, Joensuu, Finland
    02-04-26.-28. GASLA 2002,Ottawa, Canada
    02-04-27.-28. Finno-Ugric Studies Association of Canada, Burnaby, BC,
    02-04-27.-29. 2nd North American Phonology Conference, Montreal,
    02-04-28.-3.05. Annual Convention of the International Reading Association,
             San Francisco, CA

    02-05-1.-4 Networked Learning in Global Environments, Berlin, Germany
    02-05-2.-4 11th International Symposium on Lexicography, Copenhagen,
             Contact: Jens E. Mogensen
    02-05-2.-5. Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign
             Languages, New York, NY
    02-05-3.-4 Kielitieteen päivät: Kieli ja aika, Helsinki, Finland
    02-05-3.-5 2nd International Conference on Contrast in Phonology, Toronto,
    02-05-3.-5 Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 11, Amherst, MA
    02-05-3.-6 5th Colloquium on Lexicology, Tunis, Tunisia
             Contact: Ibrahim Ben Mrad
    02-05-8.-11 Brave New Worlds: Translation and the New Economy,
             Dublin, Ireland
    02-05-10.-12 New Developments in Linguistic Pragmatics, Lodz, Poland
             Contact: Piotr Cap
    02-05-14.-15 International Conference on Foreign Language Studies,
             Serdang, Malaysia
    02-05-15.-18 Colloquium on "Text and Economics, "Antwerp, Belgium
    02-05-16.-18 First International Symposium on Lexicography, Baarcelona,
    02-05-17.-19 Annual North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics,
             Tucson. AZ
    02-05-17.-21 International Conference on Conversation Analysis
             (ICCA-02), Copenhagen, Denmark
    02-05-18.-19 The Japan Second Language Association Annual Meeting, Kyoto,
    02-05-20.-23 Tree Adjoining Grammars and Related Frameworks, Venice, Italy
    02-05-21.-24 International Linguistics Conference: Reviewing
             Linguistic Thought, Athens, Greece
    02-05-23.-25 Business Communication across Contexts, Cultures and
             Continents, Aarhus, Denmark
    02-05-23.-25 Colloque de didactique du Francais, Liège, Belgium
    02-05-24.-26 Syntax, Semantics and Acquisition of Aspect, Iowa City,
             Contact: Dr. Roumyana Slabakova
    02-05-26.-29 Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics 2002 Conference,
             Toronto, Canada
    02-05-29.-31 Language Resources and Evaluation, Las Palmas, Canary Islands
    02-05-30. -1.6. 6th International Conference on Cognitive and Neural
             Systems, Boston, MA
    02-05-30 -1.6. Jahrestagung des Fachverbands Deutsch als
             Fremdsprache, München, Germany
    02-05-31 Anéla (Dutch Association of Applied Linguistics) Voorjaarstudiedag,
             Utrecht, The Netherlands

    02-06-1.-6 EuroConference on the Syntax of Normal and Impaired Language,
             Corinth, Greece
    02-06-4.-6 VI Nordisches Germanistentreffen, Jyväskylä, Finland
    02-06-5.-8 Gesture - The Living Medium, Austin, TX
    02-06-6.-8 18th Conference of Baltic Studies - Linguistics Division,
             Baltimore, MD
             Contact: Steven Young
    02-06-13.-15 Pluralité des langues et des supports dans la construction,
    Lyon, France et la transmission des
    02-06-14.-15 6. Grazer Tagung Deutsch as Fremd-/Zweitsprache, Graz, Austria
    02-06-17.-21 Multi-Modal Dialogue in Mobile Environments Kloster
             Irsee, Germany
    02-06-19.-21 5th Chronos Colloquium on Tense, Aspect and Modality,
             Groningen, The Netherlands
    02-06-20.-22 11th Caucasian Colloquium, Moscow, Russia
    02-06-23.-26 PorTAL - Portugal for Natural Language Processing, Faro,
    02-06-24.-26 Setting the Agenda: Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies in
    Higher Education, Manchester, UK
    02-06-24.-27 9th Annual Conference on Natural Language Processing
             (TALN 2002), Nancy, France
    02-06-24.-29 ED-MEDIA 2002, Denver, Colorado
    02-06-25.-28 5th Conference of the International Association for the Study
             of Argumentation, Amsterdam. The Netherlands
    02-06-25.-29 2nd International Knowledge and Discourse Conference,
             Hong Kong
    02-06-27.-28 Conference on English Phonology, Toulouse, France
    02-06-27.-30 12th Annual Meeting of the Society for Text and
             Discourse, Chicago, IL
    02-06-27.-30 8th Conference on Laboratory Phonology, New Haven, CT
    02-07-1.-3 6th International Conference of the Association for
             Language Awareness, Umeå, Sweden
    02-07-1.-3 2nd International Conference on Natural Language
             Generation, New York, NY
    02-07-1.-4 IADA Workshop on Argumentation in Dialogic Interaction,
             Lugano, Italy
    02-07-1.-26 Summer Institute in Applied Linguistics, University Park,
    02-07-3.-5 International Lexical Functional Grammar Conference,
             Athens, Greece
    02-07-4.-5 Talk and the Moral Order, Brisbane, Australia
    02-07-5.-6 DGFF-Forschungwerkstatt-Tagung, Hildesheim, Germany
    02-07-5.-7 ASFLA 2002 Conference, Sydney, Australia
    02-07-7.-13 ISA Research Committee on Sociolinguistics, Brisbane,
             Contact: Max Travers
    02-07-7.-12 Association for Computational Linguistics, Philadelphia,
    02-07-8.-11 International Circle of Korean Linguistics Conference,
             Oslo, Norway
    02-07-8-16.8. Summer Workshop in Language Engineering, Baltimore, MD
    02-07-8.-12. & 15.-19 Australian Linguistics Institute, Sydney,
    02-07-10.-12 Congreso Internacional "La Argumentación, "Buenos Aires,
             Contact: Dr. Maria Marta Garcia Negroni
    02-07-12.-14 Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA)
             Congress, Sydney, Australia
    02-07-14. -3.8. DGfS/LSA Summer School 2002, Düsseldorf, Germany
    02-07-15.-17 Historical Lexicography and Historical Lexicology,
             Leicester, UK
    02-07-15.-17 2nd International Basil Bernstein Conference, Cape Town,
             South Africa
    02-07-15.-19 ISFC 29: Systemic Linguistics and the Corpus, Liverpool,
    02-07-15.-19 Annual Conference of the International Communication
             Association, Seoul, Korea
    02-07-16.-21 IX International Congress for the Study of Child
             Language and the Symposium on Researh in Child Language Disorders
             (IASCL / SRCLD), Madison, WI
    02-07-19.-20 Studienkreis 'Geschichte der Sprachwissenschaft,'Umeå,
    02-07-21.-26 European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
             (ECAI2002), Lyon, France
    02-07-22.-28 International Course and Conference on Role and
             Reference Grammar,La Rioja, Spain
             Contact: Organizers
    02-07-24.-27 Euro-International Systemic Functional Workshop, Lisbon,
    02-07-27.-31 Teaching and Language Corpora (TALC), Bertino, Italy
    02-07-29.7.-1.8. World Congress of the International Reading
             Association, Edinburgh, Scotland
    02-07-30.7.-3.8. 29th LACUS Forum, Toledo, OH

    02-08-3.-5 6th International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian
             Linguistics, Bintan Island, Riau, Indonesia
    02-08-5.-16 14th European Summer School on Logic, Language, and
             Information (ESSLLI,)Trento, Italy
    02-08-5.-16 ESSLLI-2002 Student Session, Trento, Italy
    02-08-5.-9 11th International Conference on Methods in Dialectology,
             Joensuu, Finland
    02-08-7.-9 International Conference on Turkish Linguistics,
             Famagusta, Northern Cyprus
    02-08-7.-10 World Congress of the International Federation of
             Translators, Vancouver, Canada
    02-08-7.-11 Organization in Discourse II: The Historical Perspective,
             Turku, Finland
    02-08-8.-9 9th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase
             Structure Grammar, Seoul, South Korea
             Contact: Stephen Wechsler
    02-08-8.-12. & 15.-19 6th Biennial Australian Linguistics Institute,
             Sydney, Australia
             Contact: Dr. Verna Rieschild
    02-08-9.-10 17th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop, Reykjavik,
    02-08-13.-17 10th EURALEX International Conference, Copenhagen,
    02-08-*14.-17 EUROCALL 2002, Jyväskylä, Finland
    02-08-14.-17 Caribbean Linguistics: Theory and Application, St.
             Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
    02-08-15.-16 Text, bild, samhälle - Nordisk konferens, Tampere,
    02-08-18.-23 Fédération Internationale des Langues et Littératures
    Modernes, Bangkok, Thailand
    02-08-*19.-20 10th International CALL Conference, Antwerp,
             Contact: Mathea Simons
    02-08-22.-24 International Conference on First Language Attrition,
             Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    02-08-24-1.9. COLING 2002, Taipei, Taiwan
    02-08-30-1.9. Association for French Language Studies, St. Andrews,

    END NLB ELECTRONIC NEWS 11(01:conferences & future events), 2002

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