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November 12, 1999 Part II CONFERENCES, FUTURE EVENTS Volume 8: Number 11

- Reminder: MONS 8, Tromsø
- Course: Shakespeare's meter: a linguistic perspective, Tromsø
- Symposium: LSP and Translation Theory, Vaasa
- Workshop: The Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, Göteborg
- Conference: ConSOLE 8, Vienna


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8. møte om norsk språk
Universitetet i Tromsø
18.-20. november 1999


Shakespeare's meter: a linguistic perspective

A course at the University of Tromsø, November 22-25, 1999

Dr. Kristin Hanson from Berkeley University will be teaching an eight-hour
course at the University of Tromsø, Department of English, from November 22-
25, 1999. The course will primarily focus on a generativist analysis of the
meter of Shakespeare, based on Dr. Hanson's forthcoming book _Meter in
English: A Linguistic Perspective_. Kristin Hanson is one of the leading
figures in the field of generative metrics. Her 1991 dissertation from
Stanford University, _Resolution in modern meters_, along with her 1996
_Language_ article (with Paul Kiparsky), 'A parametric theory of poetic
meter', define perhaps the dominant framework internationally for current
research in generative metrics. Other recent publications from Professor
Hanson include:

Hanson, K. (1997). "From Dante to Pinsky: a theoretical perspective on the
history of the modern English iambic pentameter." Rivista di Linguistica 9,
Hanson, K. & P. Kiparsky (1997). "The nature of verse and its consequences
the mixed form." Prosimetrum: crosscultural perspectives on narrative in
and verse, J. Harris and K. Reichl (eds.), 17-44. Woodbridge, Suffolk:
and Brewer.

Interested students and faculty from other institutions of higher education
are quite welcome to attend this course. Further practical information or
assistance with hotel arrangements, etc., is available by writing to me at Please contact me also for information regarding any
suggested advance readings and for details about the times and places for the

Curt Rice
Faculty of Humanities
University of Tromsø
9037 Tromsø
77 64 42 61


at the University of Vaasa, Finland


The VAKKI-symposium is an occasion for researchers in LSP, translation theory
and related fields to meet in an international and multilingual environment.
The symposium for the year 2000 will also be VAKKI's twentieth anniversary

The programme will open on Friday February 11 at 1 p.m. with a joint seminar
of researchers and public into both languages and commerce, where papers will
be presented by Senja Larsen, Intranet Editor-in-Chief (Finnair), Jouni
(the University of Turku), and Seija Suonuuti, Section Manager (Nokia). The
program will continue as a symposium on Saturday and Sunday in the
format of plenaries and section papers. The plenary speakers are Prof. Allan
Janik of Innsbruck University (Brenner Archive) and Prof. Deirdre Wilson of
University College, London.

We welcome papers relating to LSP and translation theory (a 20 minute paper
followed by 10 minutes of discussion). This time there will be no formal
theme: we welcome papers in all the fields embraced by VAKKI.

Provisional timetable:
Seminar: Friday 11.2.2000 at 1 p.m.
Reception of the City: Friday 11.2.2000 at 7 p.m.
Symposium: Sat 12.2.2000 10 a.m. - Sun 13.2.2000 at 2.30 p.m.

Abstracts and Registration by 1.12.1999.

Participation fees:
Seminar and reception: FREE
Symposium: 500 mk
Celebration Dinner: 150 mk

The price includes:
Symposium programme
Lunch and coffee on both days
Symposium proceedings

Further details from:
Terttu Harakka
Tel. +358 6-3248 368
Fax +358 6-3248 380



Göteborg University, Sweden
June 15-17 2000

Götalog 2000 will be the fourth in a series of workshops that aim at bringing
together researchers working on the semantics and pragmatics of dialogues in
fields such as artificial intelligence, formal semantics and pragmatics,
computational linguistics, and psychology. This year's workshop is organized
in collaboration with the EU-sponsored TRINDI project.

We invite abstracts on all topics related to the semantics and pragmatics of
dialogues, including, but not limited to:

common ground in communication
semantic interpretation in dialogues
modelling agents' information states and how they get updated
reference in dialogues
reasoning in spoken dialogue systems


February 15th: Deadline for submission of papers
April 15th: Notification of acceptance
May 22: Final Version due for the Proceedings
June 15-17th: Workshop


Authors should submit an anonymous extended abstract of at most 5 single-
column pages (for talks with a duration of 30' plus discussion) together with
a separate page specifying the authors' names, affiliation, address, and e-
mail address. Abstracts should be submitted electronically (in postscript,
html, ascii, or pdf format), to:


Massimo Poesio (Co-chair) U Edinburgh UK
David Traum (Co-chair) U Maryland USA
Cecile Balkanski LIMSI-CNRS France
Johan Bos U Saarlandes Germany
Jonathan Ginzburg King's College London UK
Masato Ishizaki JAIST Japan
Gerhard Jäger Munich Germany
Yasuhiro Katagiri ATR Japan
Jan van Kuppevelt IMS Stuttgart Germany
Ian Lewin SRI UK
Diane Litman AT&T USA
Johanna Moore U Edinburgh UK
Hannes Rieser Bielefeld Germany
David Sadek CNET France
Len Schubert Rochester USA
Henk Zeevat Amsterdam Netherlands


This year's workshop is organized in collaboration with the EU-sponsored
project TRINDI. The workshop will take place at Gothenburg University, in
Gothenburg Sweden. The local conference chair is Robin Cooper.


Previous workshops in this series include:

MunDial'97 (Munich)
Twendial'98 (Twente)
Amstelogue'99 (Amsterdam)


ConSOLE 8 in Vienna, 1999

About ConSOLE

ConSOLE is the yearly conference of the Students Organization of Linguistics
in Europe (SOLE). SOLE was founded in 1992 by students of the Holland
Institute of Generative Linguistics. Once a year, SOLE and a local committee,
organize a conference for students of linguistics. ConSOLE is open to
registered students worldwide, it provides a forum for the coming generations
of linguistics to present independent research to an international audience.

ConSOLE 8 will take place in Vienna, 3 to 5 December, 1999.


December 3rd

Irene Haslinger, Tilburg University: Wrong or right dislocation: On the
of Dutch er+P+CP constructions
Kleanthes Grohmann, University of Maryland: Tripartite clause structure,
dynamic derivations and the left periphery
Nancy Chongo Kula, University of Leiden: Morphological effects on the
Phonology - the causative and palatalization in Bemba
Kalyanamalini Sahoo, Norwegian University of Science & Technology: Serial
Constructions in Oriya
Katharina Köhler & Christine Czinglar, University of Vienna: Null-Subjects in
the L1-Acquisition of German
Montserrat Pericot, University of the West of England, Bristol: A minimalist
perspective on the acquisition of the ordering of nouns and adjectives by
bilingual children
Nadira Aljovic, UPRESA 7023, CNRS/Paris-8: Unaccusativity and Aspect in
Marie Christine Erb, Tilburg University: A context sensitive approach to
werden and würde and infinitive in German
Marit Julien, University of Tromsø: The syntactic representation of Tense
Invited Speaker: Hubert Haider, University of Salzburg: Syntax of
adverbials -
East or West, c-command is best

December 4th

Martin Hackl, MIT: Most = much/many + EST?
Penka Stateva, University of Connecticut: Towards a superior theory of
Sun-Hoi Kim, University of Delaware: A comparison of Korean and Japanese tone
assignment from a metrical perspective
Mariana Lambova, University of Connecticut: Bulgarian liquid metathesis: Why
it is not a case of moraic structure
Dina Brun, Yale University: Discourse structure and definiteness in Russian
Fabian Heck, University of Stuttgart: The emergence of unmarked German word
Kaja Borthen, University of Trondheim: The semantics of Norwegian bare
Makoto Kaneko, University of Paris 8: Two types of presuppositional DPs in
Japanese and their temporal interpretation
Monika Rathert, University of Tübingen: A semantics for durative adverbs

December 5th

Arthur Stepanov, Cedric Boeckx, Penka Stateva, University of Connecticut:
Optionality, presupposition and French wh-in-situ
Srija Sinha, University of York: Scope marking in Hindi
Eric Fuss, University of Stuttgart: Residual V/2 as the historical origin of
the V/2-phenomenon
Carola Trips, University of Stuttgart: Scandinavian characteristics in the
Ormulum - Evidence for Scandinavian impact on the word order change in Early
Middle English?
Ildikó Tóth, Tilburg University: Lack of subject verb agreement as an
indication of clause union
Elena Guerzoni, MIT: A movement based account of the locality constraints on
NPI licensing
Meltem Kelepir, MIT: Turkish NPIs and scope of negation

ConSOLE 8 Organization:

Christine Czinglar and Katharina Köhler
Department of Linguistics
Berggasse 11
A-1090 Wien
Tel.: +43 1 4277-41701
Fax: +43 1 4277-9417

For more information:


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99-11-18 8. møte om norsk språk, Universitetet i Tromsø

99-11-18 The USC Speech Production Conference, USC, California
99-11-19 The Eastern States Conference on Linguistics (ESCOL) 99, Connecticut

99-11-23 Second International Symposium on Language Policy: Language Policy at
the Millennium, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

99-11-25 Conference on Languages in Contact, Groningen, the Netherlands

99-12-03 8th Meeting of the Student Organisation of Linguistics in Europe
(ConSOLE), Vienna
99-12-07 International Symposium on Linguistic Politeness (ISLP 99),
Bangkok, Thailand
99-12-09 Thirteenth Symposium on Romance Linguistics, Leiden University
99-12-10 Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN 99), Utrecht
99-12-18 The Twelfth Amsterdam Colloquium, Amsterdam
00-01-29 Representation and Treatment of Syntactic Ambiguity, Paris, France

00-02-04 West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, UCLA, California

00-02-10 Syntax and Pragmasemantics of Noun Phrases, Antwerp University

00-02-11 Student Conference in Linguistics, Arizona

00-02-18 Berkeley Linguistics Society 26, Berkeley, California

00-02-19 The 9th Annual Workshop on Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics,
00-02-25 The Effects of Modality on Language and Linguistic Theory, Austin,
00-03-01 Das Wort: Strukturen und Konzepte, Kommunikation 2000
Marburg, Germany
00-03-02 Seminar: Declarative Analysis of the Syllable, Nantes, France
00-03-10 2nd Northwest Conference on Slavic Linguistics, California
00-03-11 Declarative Phonology - Informal Workshop, Nantes, France
00-03-17 Greater Anatolia and the Indo-Hittite Language Family, U. of Richmond
00-03-22 ŒCorpora and NLP¹ ACIDCA 2000 session, Monastir, Tunisia
00-03-30 Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition (GASLA).
Cambridge, Massachusetts

00-04-03 The Evolution of Language, Paris, France

00-04-07 The 45th ILA conference on Language Contact/Language change,
Washington D.C.
00-04-12 International conference on cognitive typology, Antwerp
00-04-13 International Gender and Language Association Conference, Stanford
00-04-16 23rd GLOW Colloquium 2000: Derivations and Representations, Vitoria-
Gasteiz, Spain
00-04-19 The Glow Workshops I: Focus, II: Null/Overt Morphology, Bilbao, Spain
00-04-27 Sociolinguistics Symposium 2000: The Interface between Linguistics
and Social Theory, Bristol, UK
00-05-04 Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics 2000
Washington D.C.
00-05-26 The 15th Workshop on Comparative Germanic Syntax, Groeningen, NL
00-06-28 6th International Conference on Italian Linguistics and Philology,
Duisburg, Germany
00-06-29 Seventh Conference on Laboratory Phonology, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
00-07-09 7th International Pragmatics Conference, Budapest, Hungary
00-09-25 International Linguistics Conference - Lexis and Grammar, Lugo, Spain

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